Author, keynote speaker, Sinologist and technology entrepreneur

Pascal Coppens is an international keynote speaker who gives keynote speeches and workshops and who shares his expertise about innovation in China.
He has lived and worked in China and Silicon Valley for over 20 years. He is an international speaker at nexxworks and gives keynote speeches, advise and workshops about innovation in China.

"The Made in China 2025 plan will transform the country into a world leader in innovation."


Want to inspire your audience? Open their eyes to the disruption coming from Chinese innovators? Pascal's keynotes are filled with real-life examples showing you what’s possible.

Workshops & Consultancy

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China's New Normal: How China sets the standard for innovation.

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Can we trust China: A different view on a country in transition.

Can we trust China?

By 2028, China will be the world's largest economy. How is it that the country is outpacing the West in many areas? Does China owe this to the rich West? Or is it a result of an energetic collective society? Do the Chinese play by the rules? And what do Chinese themselves think of the Party and the system? 

In the search for answers to these questions, tempers quickly flare and positions are often taken very firmly in the positive or negative camp. 

If we want to seize the opportunities that China's transition also offers us and our economy, then a nuanced view is really a necessity.

Can we trust China? brings a multi-faceted answer to the many questions about China that cause us to distrust it. The book dives into the Chinese context to transcend assumptions and stereotypes and to find out how the Chinese function, how they stand in society and how they conduct their business. In this way it wants to help the reader better understand the China of tomorrow, and our own future.


"China is evolving from a factory to an open platform, from appropriating technology to sharing it, from cheap to smart components with AIoT, from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China'."

 China's New Normal

When we think of technology and innovation we almost naturally end up with American companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla or Amazon.

That association creates a huge blind spot. As the world is watching what is happening in Silicon Valley, an innovation train in China is racing past us. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are now well-known names of fast and furious innovative China, but they are only the tip of the iceberg.

Throughout the book Pascal opens your eyes on innovation happening in different industries in China. He focusses on the most prevalent industries that are about to be disrupted in the coming years. With Artificial Intelligence as one of the key driving factors.


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Smart Security / Smart Media & Entertainment / Smart Retail / Smart Finance & Insurance

Smart Mobility / Smart Manufacturing / Smart Health / Smart Education